Take your journey

Take your Journey

By this point you have made many of the necessary preparations for your travels: 

  • You have researched your psychedelic, completed a medical screen, know the potential risks, and recognize the inherent uncertainty of psychedelics even when accounting for good process.
  • You had your psychedelics tested and determined the desired dosage that is best for you.
  • You have considered getting a trip sitter. If you have one, you provided them with educational resources and developed a journey plan together. If you are travelling solo, you told someone about the what, where, and when of your journey.
  • The set and setting has been tended to in a way that brings you a sense of safety and comfort.
  • In case things get tough, you have tools to take into the journey, such as a mantra or a grounding technique.
  • An intention has been set and some thought has been given to how you will nurture and support yourself for the days and weeks following the experience.

    With all these steps accounted for and it now being your big travel day, it is time to optimize your mindset. Review the things you can do in the hours leading up to your psychedelic journey before venturing off into new lands. Set the right trajectory.

To learn how to get into the optimal mindset access the Journey Day Guidebook here