Take your journey

Take your Journey

Download your Journey Day Guidebook. It has everything you need.

Here are the basics:

  • You have:
          - Researched your psychedelic
          - Completed a medical screen
          - Know the potential risks
          - Recognize the uncertainty of psychedelics
  • You had your psychedelics tested and determined the desired dosage that is best for you.
  • You have considered getting a trip sitter.

    If you have one, you provided them with educational resources and developed a journey plan together.

    If you are travelling solo, you told someone about the what, where, and when of your journey.
  • The set and setting has been tended to foster a sense of safety and comfort.
  • You have tools to take into the journey, such as a mantra, breathing and grounding techniques, in case things get tough.
  • An intention has been set and some thought has been given to how you will nurture and support yourself following the experience.