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Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Experience Optimization

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Safer experience in three steps.



When traveling to a new land, it’s good to make some preparations. Explorers know the value of preparation.

  • Safety
  • Medical screening
  • Set, setting, and intention
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Journey Day

Journey Day

It’s time to take off. Set the right trajectory.

  • A trip day checklist
  • How to capture insights
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Okay. Ya. Wow. How to even begin to make sense of it all.

  • Integrate your experience.
  • Discover principles of change.
  • Identity and self and resting into it all.
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“One of the most personally meaningful and most spiritually significant experiences of one’s life.”

- Griffiths et al. 2016
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The Doors of Perception Know your Psychedelic.


Psilocybin containing mushrooms and their psychoactive properties have been used for millennia for healing and transformation. Psilocybin, when ingested, is converted to psilocin and interacts primarily with serotonin receptors. The effect is a non-ordinary state of consciousness that lasts for about 6 hours. In research, Psilocybin’s therapeutic potential is most noted for treatment-resistant depression and illness-related anxiety.

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LSD is synthesized from an extraction of ergot–a fungus that grows on grain. Like psilocybin, LSD affects serotonin receptors and occasions psychedelic experiences that last for about 10-12 hours. In research, LSD’s therapeutic potential is most noted for alcohol use disorder and anxiety. 

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MDMA is different. It’s referred to as an empathogen vs a psychedelic, and this fits. It induces strong empathy, positive emotional states and prosocial behavior. MDMA, when used for self-discovery, may help one gain insights, find clarity and embrace difficult memories with empathy and acceptance. In research, MDMA is most noted for good outcomes in people with post-traumatic stress disorder when combined with psychotherapy.

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