Explorers know the value of preparation. When traveling to a new land, it’s good to take some time and plan.

Psychedelics will take you to new and old, expected and unexpected places; it's best to prepare the conditions for a safe and optimal experience.

To prepare, use the following content as a guideline on how to use psilocybin, LSD, or MDMA in moderate to high doses in a private setting that facilitates positive, safe and optimal experiences for self-discovery and well-being.

Like any drug, psychedelics carry uncertainty and risk but for many, it is safe, well tolerated and has potential to aid in personal growth.

Here are the basic steps that create a safe and ideal experience: 

  • Conduct your research, complete a medical screen, and understand the risks.
  • Get your psychedelics tested.
  • Take time to prep your mindset, setting and intention.
  • Consider having trip sitter. Get them educated. If you are travelling solo, tell someone about it before you leave.
  • Take the journey. Go with the flow. Capture any insights.
  • Integrate your experience into daily life.

To learn more on how to best prepare for a psychedelic journey, access the FULL Preparation Guidebook here.

If you are bringing along a trusted traveller (Trip Sitter), get them educated. Consider completing a journey plan together to set boundaries and outline roles.

For the Trip Sitter Guidebook, click here