Do I need a psychedelic trip sitter?

Do I need a psychedelic trip sitter?

Published on:

March 1, 2023

Using a trip sitter when taking a psychedelic is like having a travel companion on a journey. Just as a travel companion can provide support, guidance, and assistance during a trip, a trip sitter can offer similar benefits during these profound, and at times, intense experiences. Imagine embarking on a solo trip to a foreign country where you don't speak the language or understand the local customs. You may feel anxious or overwhelmed, unsure of how to navigate your surroundings or communicate effectively. Now, imagine having a trusted friend or guide who is familiar with the culture and language, and can help you navigate the new environment with ease. This is the role of a trip sitter, to help navigate some of the uncertainty and keep you safe during a psychedelic experience.

A trip sitter can provide many benefits, such as:

1. Safety: Just as a travel companion can help keep you safe during a trip, a trip sitter can monitor your physical and emotional well-being, ensuring that you are safe and comfortable during and after the experience. They can also intervene in case things get tough and provide medical assistance in case of an emergency.

2. Guidance and Support: Like a travel companion, a trip sitter can offer guidance and support during the trip. This may come in the form of reminding you of a mantra or simply being a caring presence to help the journeyer let go and open to the experience. If this was agreed upon prior to the journey, the sitter may offer a hand-hold to help you get through different parts of the experience.

3. Objectivity: A trip sitter can offer an objective perspective on the experience, helping you distinguish between reality and a psychedelic-induced perception or sensation. Some travellers forget they have taken a psychedelic and are unsure what is reality - the sitter can reassure them, compassionately work to calm any worries, and re-orient them back to their inner experience.

4. Reflection: A trip sitter can facilitate reflection of the experience, helping you to process and make sense of what you've experienced in the early hours following the experience. You may or may not want to share parts of your experience and so having a trusted compatible friend or family member nearby can be supportive.

In general, using a trip sitter can be a valuable tool in reducing harm and optimizing the psychedelic experience. If you have decided not to take a fellow traveller with you, make sure you tell someone where you are going, what you are doing, and when they should follow up with you. When embarking on any journey its good practice to let others know important details about your travels.