Characteristics of a classic psychedelic experience

Characteristics of a classic psychedelic experience

Published on:

February 10, 2023


  1. Sense of unity and connectedness
  2. Sense of sacredness
  3. Transcendence of time and space
  4. Objectivity and reality
  5. Deeply felt positive mood
  6. Professed ineffability
  7. Paradoxicality
  8. Transience
  9. Subsequent positive changes in attitude and behavior.

Characteristics of the Journey:


  • Increase in associative thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving
  • Increased mental flexibility and new thought patterns
  • Closed and open-eyed visuals
  • Sense of openness
  • Feelings of interconnectedness with people, the world, and or universe at large.
  • Transcendence of space and time
  • Profound of euphoria, joy, or awe
  • Mystical / spiritual experiences: experience of death or rebirth, out of body experience, coming into contact with deity’s, visionaries or other spiritual figures.
  • Feelings of relief, wholeness, freedom, and affirmation.


  • Ego dissolution
  • Reduced body awareness and spatial location
  • No sense of time
  • Impaired cognition, lack of focus
  • The full spectrum of emotions
  • Mild elevation of blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature.
  • Dilated pupils, impaired movement coordination.


  • Intense feelings of paranoia or that something is wrong.
  • Thought loops often referred to as mental looping.
  • Reliving traumatic or difficult memories.
  • Ego dissolution.
  • A sense that one is dying and or is being reborn.
  • Vomiting, sometimes viewed as the purging negative emotions, memories or experiences.
  • Intense negative emotions such as anxiety or fear leading to overwhelm and panic.
  • Transient dizziness, nausea, vomiting