Entheo: why we exist?

Entheo: why we exist?

Published on:

November 6, 2023

What is Entheo's story and why do you exist?

Years ago when we first started exploring the therapeutic potential of moderate to high doses of psychedelics in a private setting, often in the comfort of our own homes. But before we started exploring our own consciousness, we needed to learn about best-practices and how to do these safety. So we squeezed in time to learn between work, school, raising kids, and all the things and began to embark on the path that would lead to safe and positive psychedelic experiences. Without much initial direction, we aimlessly sifted through loads of information on the internet, in research papers, talked to others, read books, took the odd course and eventually felt informed enough to take that leap of faith.

After our experiences, we reflected back and realized that there was lots good information out there, but it was found in many different places and not laid out very clearly. When we shared our experiences with others they became curious about how they too could educate themselves about psychedelics. To answer these questions and point people in some direction, we never felt comfortable recommending an initial path or the one we took to learn about risk, dose, set, setting, etc so we did our best to get them what they needed to know. However, after doing this a few times, the next natural thought was "there has got to be a better way." One more thing that we learned is that traditionally, many harm reduction resources are free and to our surprise, there were many resources on psychedelics that were behind paywalls which undoubtedly creates accessibility issues. Were not saying everything should be free, but in order to get good information to the most amount of people regarding drug use, a paywall is probably not the answer.

Over the years we had many good integration circles, compiled our thoughts and resources into one place and started Entheo with the initial aim of providing simple guidebooks that are easy to navigate, easy to read, that are free and nudge one towards a safer and more positive experience using moderate to high doses of psychedelics for personal growth. Along the way we have been humbled by the many different ways in which people use psychedelics to heal, transform and grow, with much of the discussion being situated around the research setting, a psychedelic therapy clinic or psychedelic retreat centres. Although there are specific groups of folks who would benefit from psychedelic experiences in the aforementioned settings, these present accessibility affordability issues but may not also suit everyones preferences for what makes them feel safe. We feel that psychedelic experiences (1) don't need to be done in a clinic or at a retreat for good outcomes, (2) that many wont' have the time, (3) many won't have the money and (4) many would prefer to do this in the comfort of their own home. So it is to this end we believe that many people can have safe and positive experiences in their home, with or without a trip sitter, simply for the cost of the medicine and by following a few key steps that are grounded in principles harm reduction, the latest scientific evidence and expert opinion.

Who is Entheo perfect for?

We’re perfect for people that have been hearing or reading about psychedelics but are a bit nervous about everything or unsure where to start. We made these guidebooks for preparation, the journey day, for the trip sitter, and integration that are bloody fantastic. We’ve pulled in everything, laid out best practices, and made it really easy to go through. Some of things in the preparation guide book include a medical screening checklist, journaling prompts for reflection and intention setting, how to get your drugs tested, information on dose, and tons of other stuff. Experienced psychonauts may still find these resources useful, but this is just perfect for newbies that want to do this safely, for personal discovery or to heal.

Many years ago, when we first started exploring psychedelics, it was challenging to find a trusted site that laid it all out for free - so that is what we have done here. If you are looking to speak to a trusted professional about any aspect of the psychedelic journey, we provide this too!

We hope you find these resources helpful so you can trip without falling.

Best wishes,

Entheo Team